A day in the life of an App Designer

We met with Holly, a UX/UI designer at local company Apposing and asked her what it was like to have the coolest job ever, what it was like working in a predominantly male dominated industry and what advice she can give to our #GirlGeek community….

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How did you start off in the app design industry? 

After studying Graphic Design: Communications in Salford University, I landed myself

with a internship down in London working with the Conde Nast digital team- one of

the biggest publishers in the world who own Vogue, GQ, Wired and Glamour

magazine to name a few. As an intern for 2 months I must have impressed someone

as I was then hired to create the Glamour digital tablet edition for the iPad and

Kindle. This was a dream job for me as I had always LOVED Glamour magazine! After

gaining experience and being inspired by some of the most amazing women at

Glamour, I decided to leave and move back to Liverpool so I could save up for

another passion of mine- travel. This is when I Apposing found me and thought I

would make a great contribution to the team with my background in fashion and

user experience. My plans to travel have been put on hold for a bit and I’m

celebrating my 1 year anniversary with Apposing this week.

What’s the best part of your job at Apposing?

I love working with a close team in a small studio with global clients such as Nestle,

BBC, Carphone Warehouse, Unilever as well as many more. The studio is based in

The Baltic Creative which is a small community of independent creative businesses.

Its fantastic having such a variety of dedicated and imaginative people around who

often collaborate with one another and produce amazing things.

What has been your fave project to date?

I loved working on our Sefton Travel App which was created as a collaboration

between myself and school children of Sefton through a series of workshops. The

apps purpose is to allow children of ages 11 to 18 to plan their journey to and from

school whilst monitoring their eco footprint. It was a fantastic experience going into

the schools and working with the children who had the most amazing ideas! One

child even designed the final app icon and logo for the project!

What skills are vital for a career in app design?

Its really important that your app looks fantastic of course, but your app needs to

function and work seamlessly too. You need to be able to get inside your target

users mind and really think how they would use the app. A good sense of humour

doesn’t go amiss either!

Who would you invite to a dinner party and what would you ask


I love bloggers like Tanya Burr, Essie Button and Zoe London. I think they’re so

amazing to have started out with just a webcam and laptop, and now they’re

household names because they’ve dedicated themselves to doing something that

they love and they’ve put themselves out there.

A huge love of mine is fashion, so if I were to have a dinner party I’d invite all of the

major British women’s magazines editors such as Alexandra Shulman (Vogue), Jo

Elvin (Glamour) Katie Grand (Love), Lorraine Candy (Elle), and I’d ask them how they

see future of their magazines and fashion evolving and merging with the latest

advances in technology. But before that I’d pour all of us a very large glass of wine.

(We had to ask) What’s your favourite app?

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest! A stranger could plan my entire life out just by

looking at my boards. It’s such a great app for inspiration from food, art and beauty;

to helping me find bridesmaids dresses for my sister’s wedding so she doesn’t put

me in something from 27 Dresses!

What challenges have you faced whilst being in a male dominated industry?

Most girls are naturally less boisterous than guys and sometimes in this industry that

can be perceived as you not being as proud or as confident in your work and

yourself. One of my favourite quotes is “Work hard in silence. Let success make the

noise.” If you continue to work hard and love what you do, the right people will take


How can we inspire more girls to have a career in Tech?

There are so many fantastic roles for women in the tech world with new

technologies emerging all of the time. If these roles were shown to girls at a younger

age, before they have to choose their GCSE subjects, and allow them to engage with

them, it would show them just how successful they can be, as well as how much fun

it is too.

What advice would you give to other #GirlGeeks?

Keep pushing forward and learning new things. But its not all about academics;

nearly all of the jobs I’ve had have been made through networking and connections

with the know-how of how to back it all up. So get down to the right places, have a

drink and make some new friends.


If you have any more questions for Holly leave a comment and we will try our best to answer them! and if there are any careers you would like to know more about, let us know!


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