A day in the life of… an 11 Year old Entrepreneur

Angel is the owner of a pet boutique in the centre of Liverpool. Not only does she have her own shop Pawabella, she has her own Ecommerce website, a formidable social media presence and retails in stores in and around the city. She and her pet Princess have caused quite a stir, and this is because she is only eleven years old.


Angel started her business to fund her dreams of having a career as a Vet. We have had a chat with her to find out exactly how she started her incredible business and where the future is going to take her…

Tell us a bit about your company and why you decided to start this business?

My brand is called Pawabella,  I have my own website and a shop in Liverpool, I also stock my products in Rex the concept store. I decided to start my business as I really love animals and one day I will be a Vet and thought selling dog clothes would be a good way to raise the money to go to university.
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What’s the most exciting thing about having your own business at such a young age?
Being able to attend exciting events like Liverpool Fashion Week and networking with my dog Princess.
Have there been any challenges you have faced?
It is really challenging to get funding, I am to young to access any grants or get help from places like the Princes Trust. I am pleased to say that I have had some help from Awesome Liverpool and won the under 19’s business competition in March 2014 the prize money helped me to fund my Homeless Hampers project.  Another challenge is getting time off school. I go to Notre Dame Catholic College they have supported me by letting me have time off for important business meetings, also being in school I can’t be in my shop to sell my products or make things during the day.
Are you looking to expand/what are your plans for the future?
I have lots of plans for the future, first I am hoping to start a group for young entrepreneurs, I think I am the best person to start a group for young people as I have had my own business since I was 10 years old and understand what it is like and how difficult it can be. I am very lucky to have met lots of really kind and helpful people at the networking events I attend and would like to introduce these people to my entrepreneurs group and help other young people make a success of their ideas like I have.  In 2015 I am going to look for more stockists for Pawabella and hope to franchise my brand. I would really like to do more public speaking at events so Annie from Bottle Top Business is going to help me. I have a few other plans like writing a book about how to start a business when you are young and learning new stuff, I have just learned how to use a laser cutter and enjoy spending time in Does Liverpool as they have a machine called Sophie that the public can use and other cool equipment like 3D printers. Traveling is something I plan to do more in the future hopefully I could travel to America and meet Ellen DeGeneres and dress her dogs.
What skills would you say you need to be an entrepreneur? 
Confidence, because having your own business means speaking to lots of different people.
Hard working and patience, because it is not easy starting a business and it can take a long time for it to be successful
We have to ask….Favourite Emoji?
We have met Angel at lots of networking events within the city. Already she is recognising the importance of making connections, and we are so inspired by her story and wish her the best of luck in the future! Definitely our favourite #GirlGeek
You can catch up with Angel on her twitter @Pawabella

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