Five Blogs we love to follow!

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2014 has definitely been the year that blogging really took off, grabbing the attention of the media and becoming a legitimate career option. Here are five blogs that are at the top of our reading list at the moment…

1. Shiny Shiny

Shiny Shiny is a smart, slick blog which encompasses everything from new gadgets to style advice. Launched in 2004, they’re dedicated to showing us technology to make our lives easier, as well as bringing you their top picks from online fashion retailers and Christmas gift guides for everyone from your nan to fellow geeks. We love that Shiny Shiny acknowledges that women who are into technology can also be interested in fashion and style.

2. Scarphelia

Scarphelia is written by Katie, a writer and student. Her blog is refreshing in that she sees herself as a writer rather than a blogger, and discusses everything she feels passionate about in a frank, yet beautifully written style. With posts such as why millennials are the future and the importance of fighting for your dreams, Scarphelia offers a unique, inspiring read.

3. The Londoner

If you’re prone to jealousy, maybe skip this one…on her blog, Rosie shares snippets of her glamorous life, from sun splashed holidays in Ibiza to attending the Game of Thrones premiere, as well as recipes and outfit posts. The Londoner is also a must read for anyone who wants to be kept updated on the best places to visit in the capital. Rosie’s friendly tone and witty photo captions make her likeable as well as enviable, and we love seeing pictures of her sweet dog, Custard.

4. TwelveSkip

Entrepreneurs, pay attention to this one. TwelveSkip offers marketing, SEO and social media advice for small businesses. It’s run by recent graduate Pauline, who has been designing websites since MySpace was popular. Pauline’s own story is worth a read, and she blogs about everything technology and business related, from reviews of web hosting sites to advice on starting your own blog. TwelveSkip’s straightforward advice is really useful for anyone looking to set up their own business, or even if you’re simply looking to improve your personal blog and social media accounts.

5. ScouseScran

Written by three local ladies, ScouseScran reviews the many bars and restaurants that Liverpool has to offer, including both independent and chain establishments. Their reviews are informative and chock-full of photos of delicious looking food which is rated in an informal, chatty manner, making for easy reading. Excuse us, our stomachs are rumbling…

Which blogs do you read? Do you have any recommendations for us? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting us @lpoolgirlgeeks.


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