Our proper geeky NY resolutions…


Make sure that in work you are always learning something new – this is a personal one, which made total sense to me in 2014 after leaving a job I wasn’t learning much in, to one where I am learning so much! If you’re bored – Move on.


Blog at least twice a week – this one has been accomplished since early November for us #GirlGeeks, lets just make sure we keep it up!


Go and explore somewhere that you’ve never been before


Do something that scares you (Like learning to finally code)


Buy less – make more 


Play/Use my new Misfit shine (I will then review it – so you need to push me to do this one!)


Complete a 10k race (hopefully by completing the previous, which is intended to help)


Spend a day making lists on Twitter (I think it’s definitely important to collect followers into categories for when you need to connect with someone within a certain subject e.g. women in tech for a girl geeks event.)


Never to let my YouTube Watch later list hit the 80s, 90s, 100s which happened often this year *sigh*


Have a digi detox half an hour before bed – I’m going to do this by reading some digi books instead! Like this one or this.


Become a human calendar – If you want something truly geeky to accomplish this year.. learn how to become a human calendar here it will impress everyone, trust.


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