Wearable technology, laser cutting and the coolest weddings in town.

I’m posting again this week as our other Girl Geeks are away presenting at the NACUE conference at LJMU. So, I thought I’d start this time with a little bit about wearable technology. I love wearable tech! It’s like being a kid at Christmas except that your shoes light up. And after using this …

download…mine literally do! What’s more, they flash in time to my footsteps. It’s like being Michael Jackson in Billie Jean lol. How is this possible, you might ask? Well, it’s all down to these babies… Adafruit’s NeoPixel LED Strips. They are beautiful. 60 little programmable LEDS that will do whatever your dancing feet ask of them. So now, I have light up Converse all neatly controlled by a little microprocessor stitched in with conductive thread and linked to pressure sensitive fabric in the sole of each shoe. How cool is that? What’s more they are really easy to build and Adafruit have a brilliant website to teach you how. They are the epitome of Girl Geekdom and even tweeted to support me when I was messing about with my own NeoPixel Connies. If you have never seen NeoPixels in action, go check out Adafruits guides and search for their Firewalkers 😉

But of course it’s not just shoes you can make. At the Maker Faire UK in Newcastle I bumped into the lovely Lynsey Calder from @FoldedOver and her amazing skirt… ‘The Thermochromic Tutu‘… I kid you not!


It’s controlled by an Arduino and has over 3000 hand-soldered heat sinks. This is truly a work of art and amazing, so much so that when I think of wearables, it’s still the first thing that pops into my head… that and the cool things you can do with EL wire. This stuff lights up in neon colours when you run a current through it, so whilst Lynsey was showing her expertise at the Maker Faire, we got chatting about all things wearable as I was, at the time, busy planning my EL wire octopus dress for the annual Steampunk get together in Lincoln… but that’s perhaps for another blog…

And so to laser cutting… I’ve had, or rather my other half has on my behalf lol (he’s so good to me) a week of it and I noticed something funny. Girl Geeks are like buses. Never see or hear of one for ages and then 3 come along at once. At DoES Liverpool my better half met up with these girls StrangeCaseC  who were busy using the Makerspace laser cutter for various wedding decorations and blatantly know how to organise the coolest weddings in town.


Sophie and Laura do alternative weddings and bespoke bridal and this weekend are at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza so if you’re going, go check them out. I love their personalized style for each wedding they do. So if like me, your getting married this year, these are the girls to talk to.

Then up at LJMUfablab (more on FabLab next time) him indoors – see what I did there lol 😉 … met Katy Monti a talented young artist making laser cut leather patches  for cyclists under the unforgettable banner of ‘putsomefunbetweenyourlegs’


Seems Mark is getting rather good at tracking down all the girl makers for me …LOL… and so thrilling to see the Girl Geek entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Liverpool! Go girls!!! We are really lucky in Liverpool to have such a creative set of people AND Makerspaces/Fablabs etc. to go to and, if like me, you love to build and make things – Liverpool is clearly THE place to be 🙂 So, if you know of any cool Girl Geek start ups or events in Liverpool tweet us up at @lpoolgirlgeeks or me at @ka81.


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