Olloclip review

You may be forgiven if you think that the only thing I’m interested in my phone for is the camera, due to my last post on selfie sticks. I use my camera a lot but mostly as a notebook, to store ideas that I need to come back to later, such as things to buy or do. Saying that, I’m gleeful over anything I can either clip to my phone or store within it, things that will make those proper ‘photograph’ type pictures I take look more professional or artistic. Instagram usually does it for me, but I was compelled to buy the olloclip 4­in­one lens, at first due to the fact that I expected it to be a lot more expensive ­ I was delighted with the £59.99 it demanded of me.

The olloclip is reassuringly heavy, and tiny enough for a deep pocket. It comprises a fisheye, wide angle and two macro lenses. In all my days, I’ve never had much need for a macro lens other than to marvel at how intricate the fibres of a blanket are, or everything in my house for that matter, and I still don’t.

But how magical are images you have just made yourself of things really close up? The olloclip does this very well at two distances, though lacking in a serious reason to need a macro lens means this feature is just for fun, fun which wears off quite quickly.

I envy those with the spontaneity to grab memories out of thin air and stuff them inside their phones. I dream of being able to, mid­laugh, pull my phone from my inside pocket and capture a delightful moment with my friends where we all think we’re hilarious, and our hair looks excellent. It’s not to be, and I have a niche disdain for the posed, stoic smiles people usually do on camera.I’m not so good at whipping my phone out when I’m out having a good time, or when I’m on a trip. I find it awkward, it changes the mood and never feels like a natural thing to do. So the olloclip is possibly not the best way to introduce snap happiness into my life, in terms of ease­of­use.

The lens is designed to clip over the corner of your phone (for the iPhone 5 version that I have), turning it over for different lenses and screwing on the macro parts if needed. I found it tricky to balance a desire to have a wide­angle shot of the Chinese Arch, and the prospect of digging my nails into the sides of my iPhone case to wedge the thing on. And if I leave the case off, I will drop my phone and it will smash and die. And it will be all the olloclip’s fault. In my mind’s eye, the best situation to use the add­on would be while stopping to enjoy a cappuccino in an Italian piazza, with the time to languishly remember which corner pops your case off easily, locate the Olloclip, remove it from its pouch, and go ahead and frame your piazza. I can imagine when you’re scrambling for space in busy tourist locations, or need to take a picture with seconds notice, it’s not so great.

But of course, every photo tech item is only as good as the photographic skills of the person using it. And some wonderful images are borne out of fish­eye and wide­angle lenses, which makes the olloclip especially useful for the iPhone with its flat lens technology. For an example of the drawbacks of this, take a picture of yourself in the corner of the frame of your naked iPhone. It’s okay, your chin is not that big. Your face is not that shape. This demon trickery demonstrates the limits of our phones when considering them as our primary photo­capturers, for the most part, with the lighting we have, we’re taking sub­par pictures. The olloclip serves to make those permanent reminders of your life more interesting­looking. Though I’m not a general fan of fisheye, the wide angle lense is certainly welcome when wanting to capture more of the atmosphere of what’s in front of me. Though unfortunately, not if I’m in a hurry.

Have you got any gadgets that you use for photography? Chat to me @emmabraydee or ask any of us @lpoolgirlgeeks


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