Introducing me (Fay) to Liverpool Girl Geeks…

Fay approached us to ask whether she could do some writing for Girl Geeks. Here is Fay’s first blog post, she will be writing about her experiences and will (mostly) be talking about Gaming. So if you are into Gaming or being a Girl Geek in general… have a read or chat to Fay on twitter @Yaffy_x


One of the first impressions I had when I first started to write this article is that I have all of a sudden realised how hard it is to introduce yourself in writing without sounding like you’re big headed or boring. I still get nervous when being told to write about myself but one thing I do enjoy is writing.

I’m currently studying English at Liverpool John Moores University and I have just finished my first year. I love writing whether it is practicing different types of journalism or creative writing in general. I’m hopeful to use my imagination in one of the industries that I know and love. The Gaming Industry. I have been playing video games myself since I was about 4 or 5 years old. One of my first memories playing games funnily enough was on the Sega Genesis (a.k.a the Mega Drive) playing an old Sonic game and Tetris. Painful to say, I know I was never any good at games back then but I love the fact that it was like being a part of those characters and having control. I have been playing games ever since. There was nothing I loved more than when it was a rainy day, starting up my very old PC and playing the first Harry Potter game, the Emperor’s New Groove or my countless collection of Barbie games. Or after speed walking home from school when I first got my PlayStation One just so I could play RayMan. There was nothing better than swapping games with one of my old friends every week so I could play something new (which was how I manage to find out what GTA San Andreas was by the time I was 8.) Needless to say, I probably wouldn’t be the same person I am today without that old Mega Drive back when I was a little kid.

I do have other interests. I’m an English student, and probably the only English student from my A- Level class that actually read the Great Gatsby and the Crucible and actually enjoyed them. I enjoy drawing and art. Art and Graphics design were my favourite GCSE subjects besides English. I don’t doodle as much anymore but every now and again I’ve been practicing the art style of Elsa and Anna in Disney’s Frozen… and having my drawings robbed by little kids who are obsessed with the film.

Since I was a kid, I have always had a very active imagination. I was always called daydreamer in school; the word was practically plastered all over my school reports. I always wanted to do something more with my imagination. Draw, write, made up stories for my Bratz Dolls or built them houses out of cardboard. Not to brag, I wasn’t academic but I had a clever imagination. Writing was always a way for me to express myself creatively, more than art, more than reading. I watch films and games and think about the creative minds that all worked into building that entertainment for people to enjoy. As I’ve learned more about myself as I grew up, I wanted to make my life, my career creating some of the entertaining things I watched on the television or played on as games. Mainly I was inspired by the adventure Lara Croft. Her fearlessness and bold character inspired me.

My biggest goal in my career is to work on Games Development, mainly the story production such as the screenplay writing, script writing and narrative. I bucked up the courage to email the screenplay writer of Tomb Raider (2012), Rhianna Pratchett to get some advice about screenplay writing and how to delve into a career for Screenplay writing for video games. To my surprise, a few months later, I got a reply. She tried gaming journalism first which helped her gain understanding of what players want for story and gameplay. Her reviews and journalism allowed her to understand who her audience where when she finally got her chance at screenplay and how to keep them entertained throughout the game. So here I am taking that advice. I want to fuel my passion for gaming, practice my writing and learn more about myself and my passions as I go in order to get where I want to be.

As a student, I am still in that grey area, especially with what I want to do. Half the people will tell you ‘Don’t get your hopes up, you probably will not end up with a job as any type of writer.’ I even get the ‘English is a stupid degree’. It is a stressful time in anyone who is striving for any career, because there is always that doubt in the back of the mind. Chances are you will succeed and stress is just getting the better of you. Gaming to me is a stress relief. I have suffered with anxiety ever since my GCSE’s but find gaming is a comfort. I would really love to write an article about how gaming can relieve anxiety and stress for many people. I also have ideas for how you can balance university work and game time because that is something I generally struggled with in my first year and I’m sure many people would too. Also I have an idea to write about gaming on a budget. I am a PC gamer and with the retail prices soaring sky high since the release of Next Gen consoles, I knew it was time to start budgeting my money by switching platforms. I have even practiced writing a few game reviews because to my surprise I really enjoy breaking a game down and analysing its good and bad points. I keep up to date with most gaming news, so you may even expect some overly excited updates from the gaming industry.

Overall, I am really excited to start sharing my passion for gaming and have a new way to practice my writing skills. I’m looking forward to actually using this as a way to spend even more time playing games without the mother and father asking why do I not sit down stairs and watch East Enders with them. I choose the better, less boring option, thanks.


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