Makefesting, Igniting, Coding and Marrying :)

Figured it was about time to put out my final pre-wedding post and it can’t really begin without my own brief review of Liverpool Makefest. It started with a mad idea between me @markfeltham666 and @libertine back in February and well… just grew and grew!


What can I possibly say? It was a huge success…everything we had hoped it would be… and more! First, to all the makers who came, I would like to thank you all soooo much. Your time and effort was immense and the whole event was only possible because we have such a cool maker community helped by a incredible board of makers, a stellar Library and the board of Awesome who helped to fund us and who give out monthly no strings funding to do awesome things in Liverpool – apply here.


What I love about the maker community is their sense of altruism. Everyone gave their time, resources and kindness for free. The whole event made me incredible proud to be a maker. Thousands came into central library that day, including hundreds and hundreds of children to explore and make cool things. I’m sure the event will get those children turning their own ideas into reality, which I guess is what it’s all about…. creativity and self expression. Well this is my expression, everyone was awesome. Did I say thank you? 🙂


The whole thing went off with hardly a hitch and I am glad to confirm we are running it next year, so if you missed it this year we will be back in June 2016.

ignite_logo_smallOn Wednesday last week, I attended my first Ignite Liverpool… an evening of rapid fire talks held every 3 months in Liverpool’s Leaf Cafe. Everything from technology to Victorian cannibalism have turned up in the past and so you never know what you’re going to get! I OK I’m rubbish. This was Mark’s second talk and it was the first time I had been… what can I say… been a little busy… BUT, it’s my new regular thing and I can HIGHLY recommend it! Anybody can sign up to do a talk HERE… 20 slides in 5 minutes… that’s 1 every 15 seconds and it’s on a timer lol… so fast-paced passion is the key 🙂 Talks that night ranged from Flags to Formula 1… from why Liverpudlians seem to find it impossible to stick a roof on a church to hypnosis… from living on a canal boat to weird sex… now if that don’t whet your appetite 😉 Go check it out…next one is in October.


About a week ago I ran another Liverpool Girl Geeks coding class with the lovely girls Kate, Nikki and Rebecca from Dewinter which is a “Hot” integrated PR and digital agency with offices in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester…very cool stuff ! The girls cracked through the basics of code with ease with Rebecca being quite the little coder. Always amazes me the whole room falls into a deathly silence with coding until someone gets all excited for a moment after finally debugging something. The Dewinter girls were no different with a victory dance that looks exactly like their blog post which you can see here. Hope you girls are getting on great,  was wicked teaching you 🙂


So it’s been a lovely start to the summer… start being the operative word as I’m literally just about to fly out to Bali for the rest of the summer because after my final dress fitting I’m all set on becoming Mrs Feltham-Keep…or Ms Keep (that ownership thing doesn’t half cause debate in our house with my feminist “Hubbie” to be)…Either way I’ll be back in September with news of Singapore makerspaces and mad adventures in Bali no doubt…So get out in the sunshine and enjoy the summer 🙂


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