#2015Wishes & #2016Aims…

I haven’t wrote in a while. I don’t like it when people say they are ‘too busy’ we’re all guilty of spending an entire Sunday under the covers catching up on 12 hours of Netflix so I know I could have done some writing, but I have had A LOT on my mind which I thought I would share with my #GirlGeeks….

Rebecca and I had loads of plans for 2016 both personally and for LGG. Most have have been successfully fulfilled but a few things have slipped into a black hole within our google drives. The aim was to launch a beginner workshop for women to ‘get your head around code‘ – check! and to introduce 6 week courses in different coding languages, which we half did when we launched a 6 week course in HTML and CSS back in July. Since then our full time jobs and other commitments have overruled and as much as I love my job completely I feel that I could have done more.

My dream is to have an array of courses to inspire girls to enter the wonderful world of Technology. Imagine a hub filled with computers, raspberry pi’s, Oculus rifts, 3D printers, laser cutters and workshop spaces where we could all congregate, learn and fill each other with idea’s of an evening… I want a place for women to come and feel inspired and to celebrate each other’s successes without having to succumb to traditional stereotypes. We have wonderful places here in Liverpool like DoES, The Women’s Organisation, The central library and LJMU Open labs to name a few but I cannot help but feel like something is missing – where are all the girls wanting to learn about this amazing stuff?

Here’s some reason’s why I think the tech sector is a fabulous career choice;

  1. THERE ARE LOADS OF JOBS! – Jobs are so high in demand right now, technology is growing, growing FAST

2. HIGH PAY – because there are lots of jobs in demand companies are willing to pay a lot higher salary

3. CREATIVENESS  – Whether you are a coder, a designer, a marketeer you will be at the fore-front of innovation creating amazing new concepts and ideas for new apps, websites and games

4. CULTURE – Have a family? Don’t fancy a 9-5? A lot of tech companies are extremely flexible. One of our teacher’s Alex works at home right here in Liverpool for a company in San Fransisco. She starts work in the afternoon so that they are on the same time scale – how cool is that?

I could go on but I won’t (google it, ask one of us girl geeks or someone at any of the great great firms here in the city)

So Rebecca and I have come up with a plan. We’re about to launch a LGG membership scheme. Something that you can pay for monthly, attend workshops, networking events, receive resources and monthly updates. In return we hope to motivate, teach and stimulate you to have careers in this industry – we have some incredible contacts that would be happy to give you some experience so why not start now?

2016 for me will be about progress. Making progress for Liverpool’s Girl Geeks and making progress with my own aims in starting a new business so I shall be a little bit more productive and a little bit more ‘gutsy’ by throwing myself into the deep end to achieve my aims.

If i can do it – you definitely can!

If you liked my rant – tweet me @_slates and let me know whether you would like a LGG membership – we are still in our research faze so the more feedback the better.

Thanks x


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